Monday, 8 August 2011

Having tuned into the 10 O'clock news tonight it would seem that the London riots are in full swing with no sign of letting up anytime soon. In scenes which could have come straight out of the lastest apocolypitc thriller people's homes have been reduced to ash and their businesses ransacked by greedy looters. Packs of hooligans are shown prowling the deserted streets, armed with bricks and baseball bats, intent on causing yet more damage. 

The riots send a very clear signal that resentment towards the police has been building for some time with many citing the recent shooting of Mark Duggan, believed to have been involved with criminal gangs, as the catalyst for violence. But whatever the cause may be it is frightfully obvious that these riots are morphing into something more sinister, with many of those involved carrrying out acts of mindless violence and offering no reasonable explanation as to why. What may have started out as a misguided crusade to vindicate Mr Duggan has now spiralled into an orgy of destruction which needs to be stopped. However, with the sheer scale of rebellion one wonders for just how long the raging fires will continue burn...


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

There comes a point each year when even the most high brow news publications start printing articles ranging from the trivial and mildly amusing to the down right ridiculous - yes ladies and gentleman we have officially reached "silly season". This being the time at which even the most reputable papers become a hot bed of celebrity gossip and TV news along with the latest remarkably unremarkable scientific findings (Shock horror; who knew the health benefits of a holiday fade after just 2 weeks?)

However I must admit that sifting through the dregs can bring up some hidden gems including this heart warming story published today in the Daily Mail: