Monday, 28 February 2011


One of the UK's largest mobile phone networks was left in disarray today following an attack on its servers by vandals. Thousands of Vodafone customers were left unable to make or receive calls or text messages leaving many, including myself, feeling disgruntled and somewhat stranded to say the least. Although Vodafone can not be blamed directly for the break-in, I can't help but wonder why this prominent company has such lax security considering how, in this modern age, mobile communication is essential for many.

I was also deeply disappointed with the way in which the whole saga was handled once the network was down. Instead of attempting to filter information through to customers via email, many were left wondering what was going on. It wasn't long before social networking sites were flooded with complaints about the company's distinct lack of communication with one user labelling Vodafone "pathetic". Not great for an organization which prides itself on giving "power" to the customer?!


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