Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hats off to the Chilean Miners

It was a bitter sweet moment which saw Elizabeth Segovia give birth to her long awaited baby girl on Tuesday. Although, predominantly joyous, the day must have been tinged with sadness for Ms
Segovia, as her husband, Ariel Ticona, was unable to attend the birth. But not without good reason, for he is one of 33 Chilean miners trapped within the bowels of the earth, and has not been able to see his pregnant partner for the past 40 days.

However, in a bid to involve Ticona as much as possible in the day, a video recording of the birth was created especially for him.

Fittingly, Segovia has decided to name the baby Esperanza, meaning hope in Spanish, after a request by Ticona, a move that was clearly supported by the other miners who could be heard chanting the baby's new name on a video link.

On a personal note, I would just like to say, how astonished I am by the strength of character, patience and high morale these men have been able to maintain throughout their traumatic ordeal. For them to tolerate each other and survive in such small quarters shows a high degree of true professionalism and determination.

These men embarked upon their dangerous job, knowing that they would receive pittance in return for their efforts. Now they have had to suffer such inhospitable conditions, that many people are shocked they are still alive and that their spirits remain so high. I, for one, would like to take my proverbial hat off to these remarkable men and wish Elizabeth, Ariel and Esperanza well!


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  1. Its good you have an opinion on vast matters. These guys really have stamina and are going through a lot!