Monday, 13 September 2010

Stig-mania *Sigh*

Gosh, how much more of this "Stig-mania" can we all take? It seems that not a day goes by without this "tame racing driver" making an appearance in the Nationals.

After years of secrecy and mystery it has finally been revealed that the Stig is, in fact, a fairly ordinary Bristollian called Ben Collins. Although, I must admit, I felt sightly disappointed that this intricate charade had come to such an abrupt end (not even the Top Gear presenters were aware of his true identity), does it really warrant such a media maelstrom? And I can't help but wonder who will foot the bill for the huge legal costs incurred by the BBC, in their desperation to stop Collins "spilling the beans" on his life as the Stig.

One thing is for sure though; all this fuss has generated a gargantuan amount of publicity for Top Gear. I doubt that, as claimed, the show will suffer a drop in ratings, considering that this saga has got most of the UK talking. On the contrary, the show will probably grow in popularity and entice more viewers than ever.

However, now Collins' has been unmasked, only time will tell if he can be as successful without the PR machine, that is the BBC, behind him.


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